Temporary storage services Q&A

Since our shop is a multipurpose café, we can offer a variety of supplementary services. Such as providing guests with a place to rest and to take care of their belongings. In addition, as a partner of the tourist information board, we also correspond to sightseeing information’s.


Q1. Are there any limitations on the Luggage’s size?

A. There are no limitations as long as you have the luggage’s. If the total dimension is less than 1150cm, it will be 300 yen for 8 hours and 500 yen for 24 hours’. If the dimension is more than 1150cm, it will be 600 for 8 hour’s and 1,000 yen for 24 hours’.
Q2. Are there any item’s that we do not accept?
A. We do not accept pets, valuables, raw and/or dangerous items.

Q3.. Is it possible to store luggage’s until a certain day?
A. Any day is possible, we will confirm with the schedule after the initial deposit. If we are not contacted by the appointed pick up date, we will keep the item for 7 days. If after 7 days, the item is still not retrieved, then we will treat it as a lost item.
Q4. Is it possible to take and repack the luggage’s?
A.You can do it as many times as you want during the storage period.
Q5. What is the max amount of luggage’s that can be stored?
A.We can store any amount of luggage’s.
Q6. Is it possible to storage items such as golf bag, ski, surf board, snow board, instruments and bicycles?
A.Yes, there are no particular limits on the size if you are able to bring it personally.
Q7. Is it possible to send the item by mail or courier services?
A.Yes, if the item were to arrive within 11am-8pm, However please do contact us beforehand by mail. After receiving the item, we will charge accordingly to the size of the item. *Please refer to Q1*
Q8.Are there any discounts?
A.For temporary storage services, if there are more than 4 Large size luggage’s, 200 yen will be reduced from the original charged price.
Q9.Is it possible to add additional luggage’s?
A.Yes, once you have a baggage in storage, you are able to add any additional baggage’s. Small sizes souvenir is able to be storage for free.
Q10. Will the charge amount be doubled in the case of using the storage and the café for resting?
A. There will be no charges for the storage if you are resting. We can also keep your baggage’s in storage even when you go outside the vicinity during the resting period.
Q11. What happens if the baggage cannot be retrieve on the appointed day?
A. If the baggage is not picked up on the appointed day, you will be charged for the next 24 hours. In the case that the baggage was to be picked up at 12:00pm, we will hold on to it until the next day at 12:00pm. Baggage’s are able to be picked up from 11:00am. We are generally open until 10:00pm on weekends, for consultation purposes, please do contact us.


<We have 「LUGGAGE-FREE TRAVEL」 service to send luggages to hotel by JTB>


Door to Door Luggage : We have your luggage delivered from here to your hotel

※ Small: length+width+height ~120cm(15㎏) 2,000yen/One Way(plus tax)

※ Large: length+width+height ~160cm(25㎏)2,500yen/One Way(plus tax)

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